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Ditch the Suits - Getting more from your money and life

S.E.E.D. Planning Group

Welcome to Ditch the Suits, where we get real about the stuff no one in the financial world wants you to know about. If you are interested in learning from successful business owners on how you can better manage your family’s wealth while protecting it from financial exploitation, then stick around and join co-hosts Steve Campbell and Travis Maus for this unapologetic and thought-provoking no-holds-barred banter. If you own a business, or have accumulated millions of dollars, or are aspiring to have these things, then this podcast is for you. In Ditch the Suits, we use real-life business strategies to show you how to reduce financial risk, improve your finances, build wealth, and avoid situations where money destroys families. We also use real-life “I wish I had do-overs” to show you what not to do, with a focus on how to prevent financial exploitation from your family and friends to so-called trusted advisors.

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